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High returns of employee self-service:

  1. Reduce daily flow costs
    60-90% ↓
  2. Cycle time of processing
    from “week” to “second”↓
  3. Employee help call
    Reduce 50% ↓
  4. Related error
    Reduce 75% ↓

From: GiGa Information Group

HCP Benefits: + Expand / - Collapse

  • Simple IT structure

    Simple IT structure, improving performance, creating an environment that is efficient and quick to respond to market changes

  • Unified system

    Unified system that is easy to manage, analyze and collect HR information of each module

  • Easy salary calculation

    HR staff can instantly debug and adjust salary calculation

  • Convenient management

    Managers can easily control and follow up

  • Reduce resource waste

    Avoid resource waste and reduce conflicts among systems

  • Overall authorization

    After the system is integrated, no need to pay for individual license fee, reducing costs and server maintenance manpower