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Personnel Management

Successful Corporate Ideology: Employees are assets and keys to competitiveness

  1. Personnel Data Management
  2. Salary/Bonus Calculation
  3. Attendance Management
  4. Local Insurance Operation
Personnel Development

Successful Corporate Ideology: Not “what to do”, but “who to do it”

  1. Employee Performance Management
  2. Educational Training Management
  3. Recruitment Management System
Corporate Application

11 Specialties, guarantee your investment returns

  1. Business Intelligence System; BIS
  2. Manager Desk; MD
  3. Employee Self-Service; ESS
  4. E-Recruiting
  5. Complete Record
  6. System process simulating charts for easy operation
  7. Eight analysis modules for direct export of analysis tool
  8. Work Flow
  9. Alert
  10. Structure copy
  11. Best Practice
Overall Operation

Easy to learn, use and maintain

  1. Three-level authorization, en/decryption security
  2. Call Form & Drill Down. HCP offers conversion to another program at any time and search for original data source via cursor.
  3. User-friendly interface, easy data storage
  4. On-Line Help for checking operational method or SOP at any time
  5. Allow configuration of automatic processing mechanism for abnormal situations; various messages can be integrated into online notifications
  6. Parameter-based system setting for easy maintenance and flexible adjustments
  7. Mail Screen function for fast delivery of useful information
  8. Self-configured menu function and format
  9. System process simulating chart for better understanding of flows
  10. Interface supports simplified and traditional Chinese.