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HCP Features

Employees are assets and keys to competitiveness

  • Personnel Data Management

    1. Record complete employee records
    2. Provide multi-corporation companies management system
    3. Satisfy fast-changing organization and maintain dendritical structure easily
    4. Secure sensitive information and authorization independence
    5. Provide flexible access to corporate management report depending on manager level.
    6. Personal parameter setting placement for managing and salary application
  • Salary/Bonus Calculation

    1. Provide monthly, daily, hourly salary calculations
    2. Support salary calculation formula of different organizations
    3. Record employee salary changes and able to customize monthly calculation
    4. Set up or weekly salary reissue or deduction in advance
    5. Set up salary reissue or deduction transfer interface
    6. Provide foreign worker salary processing
    7. Customize and provide salary level management table
    8. Multi-category bonus calculation and transfer interface
    9. Flexible parameter meets taxation requirements of different locations.
    10. Provide salary management and processing of different currencies
    11. Self-configure accounting ledger transferring to general ledger (Integrated with ERP)
  • Attendance Management

    1. Personal calendar for work schedule check
    2. Flexible parameter for complicated attendance and scheduling
    3. Employee schedule changes and substitution tracking
    4. Different card in/out format and support all carding brands
    5. Flexible calculation setting on overtime and vacation time
    6. Manage and set up multiple annual leave cases (week/year calendar format) and deferred solution
    7. Provide overtime and absence transfer interface
    8. Provide subsidy by shift
    9. Online overtime and absence application, with manager signature feature
  • Local Insurance Operation

    1. Record employee and family insurance records
    2. Provide automatic insurance addition or withdrawal
    3. Provide annual payment (include family information) proof such as total income tax list
    4. Adhere to government law changes and adjust insurance rate
    5. Provide insurance matching function and reduce possible mistakes
    6. Record special insurance application records

Not “what to do”, but “who to do it”

  • Employee Performance Management

    1. Customize corporate seasonal, annual and semi-annual appraisal management
    2. PMD assessment model, assess towards work objectives, behaviors and future planning
    3. Provide courses depending on strengths and weaknesses of assessment-taker
    4. Customize assessment type and category: performance appraisal, project evaluation, rating criteria, assessment authorization
    5. Online operation of assessment giver and taker, and plan following goals
    6. Clear work planning and standard performance appraisal
    7. User can customize assessment percentages
  • Educational Training Management

    1. Provide annual employee training need application
    2. Provide complete training planning and opening courses announcement
    3. Provide online application, with online manager confirmation
    4. Provide opinion survey for better training quality
    5. Control course costs and compare with budget
    6. Customize different course groups with outline and content with links
    7. Provide grade collection function and license management
    8. Establish training record and result, and complete survey records after courses
  • Recruitment Management System

    1. Provide labor estimate operation such as managing labor costs and hiring process
    2. Provide application for additional labor force
    3. Company internal talent search
    4. External talent data transfer
    5. Provide recruiter to search information on company employment needs; provide alerts for delayed recruitment of major talents
    6. Combine with job title description, and outline talent-hiring needs
    7. Recruiting operation processing search, providing hiring and sorry letters
    8. Interview, arrangement and notification for applicant

11 Specialties, guarantee your investment returns

  • Business Intelligence System

    Managers can access BIS by using IE to check on company index and human resource distribution status. BIS system provides 58 KPI index. Through Workforce Competence, it can evaluate how to achieve the employment and training needs of each department, as well as evaluating organizing capability and increasing corporation competitiveness.

  • Manager Desk

    Manager Desk displays complete employee information and provide managers with immediate related evolution and management. While on business trip, manager can access the system by using IE to execute authorization, routine assessment, performance management, etc.

  • Employee Self-Service

    ESS provides employees with complete information such as notices, salary, overtime, absence, annual leave, schedule, internal and external training, skill certificates, and other job-related information. Employee can also fill out and search for performance appraisal through IE.

  • E-Recruiting

    E-Recruiting provides company and recruiter a form of first-time communication to the applicant. The company can schedule the interview time of the applicants online. The applicant can also search for interview status online, improving company image.

  • Complete Record

    The system provides complete historical record such as employee task, salary benefits, training, competency, certificate, etc. It also provides historical policy and rules, etc. with Visio-enabled structure and charts, the enterprise can easily maintain its historical structures.

  • System process simulating charts for easy operation

    Process simulating chart for better understanding of the next move regardless of the location of the user

  • Eight analysis modules for direct export of analysis tool

    Offer personnel, salary, attendance, insurance, performance appraisal, educational training, recruitment and reward/punishment management modules; access to database at any time for column adjustment of rearrangement before direct exporting to Excel for real-time analysis and decision requirements of the managers

  • Work Flow

    Self-configure enterprise work flow; the system will automatic set the work flow to realize online flow management to improve overall management mechanism and efficiency; able to configure deputy and calculate flow execution efficiency; the executioner can track flow status on line

  • Alert

    When abnormal situation occurs, the system will alert managers of the situation via Email or message. If the managers quit the job, the new managers will receive alert on how to deal with the abnormal situations so that HR department tasks will not be repeated.

  • Structure copy

    When the enterprise scale expands or requires new factory, the various policies can be copied to new factories while the flows of the new factories can be fulfilled instantly for centralized management and avoiding repeated investments.

  • Best Practice

    HCP have over hundred of large-size customers, with industry standards included in its standard version for rapid establishment of policy flows and reducing realization time and costs.

Easy to learn, use and maintain

  • Three-level authorization, en/decryption security
  • Call Form & Drill Down. HCP offers conversion to another program at any time and search for original data source via cursor.
  • User-friendly interface, easy data storage
  • On-Line Help for checking operational method or SOP at any time
  • Allow configuration of automatic processing mechanism for abnormal situations; various messages can be integrated into online notifications
  • Parameter-based system setting for easy maintenance and flexible adjustments
  • Mail Screen function for fast delivery of useful information
  • Self-configured menu function and format
  • System process simulating chart for better understanding of flows
  • Interface supports simplified and traditional Chinese.