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High returns of employee self-service:

  1. Reduce daily flow costs
    60-90% ↓
  2. Cycle time of processing
    from “week” to “second”↓
  3. Employee help call
    Reduce 50% ↓
  4. Related error
    Reduce 75% ↓
From: GiGa Information Group


HCP Advantage



Oracle database and related development tool educational training. System parameter setting and adjustment technical transfer. Business courses: financial, performance improvement, innovation management, internal audit and control and HR



Oracle certificates and tier-1 ERP consulting company, and Taiwan’s best technical service company by Household Registration Office of Taiwan.



System implementation service basing on corporate KPI and CSF, EBP-Enterprise Best Practice experience sharing, and APT-Application Template for fast and low-cost system implementation services.



Development tool: Developer 2000/Power Builder/VB/Informix-4GL. Database: Oracle/SQL Server/Sybase/Informix. Platform: Unix System/NT Platform/Web Base Technology. Coding Center Programming Service.



Two CPIM-certified consultants, five consultants with over ten years of industry experiences, twelve consultants with over five years of Oracle implementation experiences. 44 years of industry experiences for establishing enterprise infrastructure. Years of large-scale online real practices for enterprise consultancy and planning services. Oracle application implementation and customization experiences.

HCP Benefits


Simple IT structure

Simple IT structure, improving performance, creating an environment that is efficient and quick to respond to market changes.


Unified system

Unified system that is easy to manage, analyze and collect HR information of each module.


Easy salary calculation

HR staff can instantly debug and adjust salary calculation.


Convenient management

Managers can easily control and follow up.


Reduce resource waste

Avoid resource waste and reduce conflicts among systems.


Overall authorization

After the system is integrated, no need to pay for individual license fee, reducing costs and server maintenance manpower.