Corporate Human Resources Management

Centralized Control

Support multi-lingual, multi-group, multi-plant, multi-currency, and centralized control of personnel assets.

Diversified Authority Control

Personnel information can be classified by region, department, grade, and rank to properly protect.

Tax and Insurance

Flexible adjustment of premium base and rates to match the tax and insurance systems in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, China and etc.

Why do they all recommend HCP?


NB vendor MSI deploys complete cross-strait HR management with HCP HR system

Founded in 1986, Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (MSI) is among the top five worldwide server vendors and the world leading gaming notebook brand. MSI was originally a motherboard manufacturer and has been transformed into a supplier of computer-integrated manufacturing. In recent years, the company dedicated itself to be a well-established name in gaming and eSports, which produces well-reputed notebooks, graphics cards, motherboards, and desktops. With Gaming Series and high-quality durable PRO Series, MSI has taken the lead as a ‘True Gaming’ brand in the high-level gaming hardware market to meet the needs of professional eSports teams and players. Moreover, MSI pioneers critical developments in artificial intelligence (AI), enterprise computing and Internet of Things (IoT), MSI’s fields of expertise where the most comprehensive solutions are offered.


Global leading networking company D-Link implements HCP HR system to optimize salary calculation efficiency and management process

D-Link, founded in 1986, is a company not only offering highly-effective network solutions but including various networking communication products such as business-level switches, security equipments, and home multimedia system products. It presents as a brand to connect with diverse life aspects for the mission that “Internet access is everywhere for everyone”. D-Link has established 185 offices in 65 countries and possesses 2700+ employees. Its high-quality products have been recognized by iF design award from Germany and CES 2018 as well as introduced to the consumers for its design, innovation, and features. It will continue to lead the way in its internationally professional services to suit the needs of consumers for smart networking solutions.


Solar cell merchandiser Gintech uses ARES HCP HR system to easily manage personnel, salary and attendance

Gintech Energy Corporation, founded in 2005, is fully devoted to green energy with the research, development, and production of solar cells. In addition to the largest local solar cell merchandiser, Gintech was not merely the only Taiwan company globally ranking in top 10 of 2009 but became the worldwide eighth in 2010. The current sales territory spreads over the main markets including China, Japan, Europe and the U.S.; emerging markets like India, Korea, and other Asian areas was aggressively exploited also, making its percentage of sales abroad over 95%.


Taiwan’s Ares HR system HCP simplifies recent new labor law adjustments

The Taiwan Government’s implement of five-day work week plan of “one fixed day off and one flexible rest day” law, affected the calculation of overtime hours, calculation of overtime pay rates, and canceling seven days off for national holidays, which became Human Resources personnel’s nightmares. Even though the proposed law is still under Legislative Yuan’s examination process, Ares International Corp. has followed the changed regulations very closely, and adjusted its HR system, HCP (Human Capital Planner), accordingly to satisfy the latest regulations. When the proposed law is passed, Ares will provide routine system updates to assure client’s HCP system is always up to date.

Efficient manpower deployment for better customer satisfaction

When the number of employees reaches a certain size, it is difficult to maintain the existing way of HR management. HCP system has the flexibility and future expansion, which can fully support HR, attendance, payroll and insurance management needs, reduce operating costs and improve operational performance!