HCP support your growth

Corporate Human Resources Management

Centralized Control

Support multi-lingual, multi-group, multi-plant, multi-currency, and centralized control of personnel assets.

Diversified Authority Control

Personnel information can be classified by region, department, grade, and rank to properly protect.

Tax and Insurance

Flexible adjustment of premium base and rates to match the tax and insurance systems in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, China and etc.

Why do they all recommend HCP?

NB vendor MSI deploys complete cross-strait HR management with HCP

❝Ares can provide cross-country and cross-region services to help us achieve the goals of "global information integration, convenient IT data integration, stable HR operations and reduced manual errors", and complete the deployment of overseas personnel operation management!❞

  • Centralized management
  • Protecting personnel data
  • 50% increase in payroll efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance
D-Link implements HCP to optimize salary calculation efficiency and management process

❝HCP consultants have the expertise and experience to not only plan the best HR processes for our business, but also to anticipate our future needs and retain the flexibility of system functionality!❞

  • Comply with the new law
  • Meet over 90% of personnel management needs
  • Improve the efficiency of personnel data matching
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency

Efficient manpower deployment for better customer satisfaction

When the number of employees reaches a certain size, it is difficult to maintain the existing way of HR management. HCP system has the flexibility and future expansion, which can fully support HR, attendance, payroll and insurance management needs, reduce operating costs and improve operational performance!